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Our Central LXP – LMS makes the planning, delivery, management and tracking of Workplace learning more functional and more affordable than ever before.

Developed using the latest online technologies Interaction’s Central Learning Management System (LMS) delivers a learning management experience that combines the look, feel and functionality of traditional desktop applications running in a web-browser driven online application. The system promotes a learning culture and reduces inefficiencies. It remains unobtrusive to end users as it focuses them on their personal development goals.

Learners can be easily grouped to reflect your corporate or any other logical structure, with each group pre-set to access any combination of learning. Job roles can also supplement the default learning before personal learning needs are selected by line managers or HR.

Self-paced learning can be blended with face-to-face and resource learning items. You can instantly access our wide range of off-the-shelf e-learning programs, load your own Scorm compliant learning or book people onto face-to-face learning, which can also be seamlessly marketed, tracked and reported from our intuitive event learning management interface. Surveys and assessments can also be built, published and seamlessly tracked through Central’s progress reports. Central’s full-featured progress reports present completions, time online, assessment results, certification, skills gap analysis and more. All reports can be printed, exported to Excel and automatically scheduled as required.

Central is the most affordable practical solution for getting the results today’s enterprises demand in order to enable growth and profitability. Try calling us in standard business hours and see if we can’t set up your corporate web facing LMS site loaded with any combination of our off-the-shelf titles in just one hour. Or perhaps give it a test drive and have access to an example site in 30 minutes…

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