Inject new life into your offerings with our ready2go ranges

Building content takes time and publishing it to your audience invariably happens when you are under pressure. Last minute edits are almost always necessary, so why is the publishing process always so painful?

Not so with Kando and especially not so when Kando and Central are working together (where publishing is a simple matter of clicking the button!). For those already committed to a third party LMS, Kando allows you to publish to a traditional scorm zip file on your local drive before uploading that file to your LMS. While doing so, will not be as seamless as the interlocking of Kando and Central, we have certainly done all we can to make it pain-free and also offer our remote scorm option that can direct link the courses you manage in Kando to your LMS. Seeing is believing, so we would be only too happy to provide a demonstration title for you to trial!

So, whether you build from the ground up or inject instant new life into your learning offerings by introducing our customisable ready2go ranges, we guarantee that we can take the pain out of your publishing process.

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