In today’s economic reality, the option of an in-house team of eLearning story-boarders and developers is not always possible. Recognising the very real need for quality, affordable and timely learning development, Interaction has committed to cultivating a community of bespoke developers who are masters at our tools and understand your needs.

As a result, approved members of our development community can offer end user clients:

  1. A list of developers who are appropriately skilled in Kando and have been vetted to those who we believe offer value outcomes to budget and quality solutions;
  2. Developers who will have the option to access professional designed templates that will help them to be as affordable;
  3. A guarantee that where the majority – or all – of the content has been supplied by you, you will (of course) own the IP on the end user content outright;
  4. If you have a Kando licence, you will have access to the source and be able to edit and re-publish that source with any changes that you need ongoing
  5. It will be Interaction’s responsibility to ensure that the published content shall continue to run on popular browsers and devices, into the future; and

Interaction will take responsibility to ensure seamless linking of the content into any modern and professional 3rd party LMS

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