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eLearning modules, marketing clips, surveys and assessments can all be seamlessly authored from the ground up and published in a few short hours. Or to hit the ground running, you can access the extensive library of templated specialist learning topics in InterAction’s off-the-shelf learning ranges.

VITAL INFORMATION: Interaction owns the IP on all of our off-the-shelf ranges of content, so we can allow you access to edit and deliver exactly what you require in the earliest possible instance. From Orientation through Compliance to Leadership and Management learning, you can run Interaction’s course ranges off-the-shelf, or you can use Adrenaline to tailor the learning to your exact needs.

Whether you have an existing LMS or are interested in our Pulse solution, Adrenaline will give your learning library an immediate massive boost and allow you to keep it fresh and relevant ongoing. If you have Powerpoint experience, or even MS Word or similar, you will feel comfortable using Adrenaline from day one. The possibilities are endless and the power is in your hands.

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