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Our Central learning platform, Kando authoring tools and off-the-shelf ready2go courseware ranges can deliver learning to anyone on any mainstream device.

Company Snapshot

Here’s a snapshot of Interaction Training:

  • We’re not the new kid. Certainly not – in fact, anything but. In the early 1980s, we were the pioneers of what was then known as computer-based training. We were ahead of the game then and ever since we have quietly continued to lead the development of learning technologies. We bring the highest levels of professionalism and commitment. An old-school work ethic within a service driven enterprise.
  • We own it. Everything we show you – the platforms and solutions, the content and authoring tools, the support infrastructure, everything – is developed in house and the IP is owned by us. Why is this so important? We have complete control and the deepest understanding of the technologies. We can immediately and absolutely forecast how the functionality in our interlocking products will or can be set to fulfil opportunities and handle your challenges. Setting aside the fact that our solutions are ready to go (challenge us to set you up with a full featured platform delivering learning to your people across the city, state or globe, inside a day). So, when we say something is achievable, you can be confident that it truly is.
  • We’re 100% Australian. Interaction is 100% Australian owned and our Head Office is in Sydney. From there we empower select business partners throughout major capital cities in the Pacific region, and on into Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. We can talk to you in person and are available when you need us most.
  • We take on the biggest challenges. The largest blue-ribbon organisations, government departments and not-for-profits are long term customers. There is no secret to this – we simply respect and value partnerships with our clients. Think of us as an extension of your team and as such, your priorities, challenges and deadlines are ours. While we would never cheapen relationships by listing them here, our clients are generally more than happy to share their experiences with you.

How We Work

How are we different to other LMS providers?

  • We offer simple and logical solutions: User friendliness is reflected in every element of our product interfaces.
  • We customise: Instead of providing an off-the-shelf static product, every solution we deliver is carefully matched to user and organisational needs.
  • We are future-focused: Our approach to continuous improvement keeps us ahead of the game. That means we embrace new technologies, standards and guidelines to stay relevant to the way people want to learn: on devices, on the go and socially.
  • We’re listeners: Winning solutions involve us truly understanding, accurately prescribing, aggressively (but realistically) planning and constantly exceeding expectations.

Having pioneered computer-based training more than three decades ago, we have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges of customers. Unlike many of our contemporary colleagues, we don’t proclaim to have all the answers straight away. Instead our genuine, realistic approach starts with us actively listening. By understanding and sharing specific customer challenges and recommending solutions that map to those needs, we can deliver a stress-free and timely rollout while our competitors are still talking about how alternative solutions can be made to fit the need.

Making it easy is built into everything we do. Invariably we have to help our customers, who arrive with trepidation, to learn to trust again. And once we have achieved that, they become more than just long-term customers. The commitment is ours, not theirs.

Knowing what we are talking about means that we can make sure that there are no rude surprises. We keep it real by being straightforward and using straight talk. We don’t try to bamboozle clients with airy industry jargon and unnecessary complexities. And we always aim to exceed expectations so customers are continually surprised and never disappointed.

Flexibility in approach & solutions: Clients can build their own learning from scratch or they can hit the ground running by editing our content. Hit the save button and your changes are live to your audience.


We count the largest organisations and government departments as long-term customers. We consider our contacts within those organisations as friends and by doing so, our entire team adopts a stance of being morally obliged to deliver the best possible level of service and support. To go the extra yard. Your challenges are ours.

Out of respect to our clients, our policy is to not publish client names on our website or any marketing collateral. You can be sure that our client list truly includes the biggest names in industry, business and government agencies and will be supplied upon the approval of your request.


Since we opened our doors in the early ’80s, Interaction has been instrumental in our industry moving from early self-paced CBT right the way through to today’s cloud-based eLearning. In those formative years, for example, we gained momentum because while others were producing page turning exercises we delivered the most interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) available. Then when the focus shifted to online learning at the turn of the century, Interaction delivered a development tool that could publish online learning that is as interactive as earlier windows-based solutions. While our competitors returned to the creation of glorified page turning exercises to counter restrictive bandwidth.

Why is this important? It is important because it underlines the ethos of this organisation. And our ethos is that technology for technology sake is a fundamental mistake. At the end of the day all technologies must support and not conflict with the primary goal, which is effective learning.

So you can see that our foundations were in the creation of learning content, but in the early 1990s, we pulled together a specialist team that included some of the best minds in the industry. That team had a specific goal of investigating how emerging information and communication technologies might affect organisational learning, and the outcome was the creation early versions of our current learning management (Central) and authoring (Kando) tools.

We are rightly proud of the team behind all of our products. Our core technical and eLearning experts are supplemented by a pool of the best freelancers in the country who bring specific skill sets such as the highest quality audio and video production. Leveraging this experience while maintaining a focus on our core business and ethos, Interaction is internationally renowned for delivering class-leading learning solutions.

We count the largest organisations and government departments as long-term customers. We consider our contacts within those organisations as friends and by doing so, our entire team adopts a stance of being morally obliged to deliver the best possible level of service and support. To go the extra yard. Your challenges are ours.

We would be excited to extend our technologies, learning solutions and commitment to you and your organisation. You will not be disappointed.


We are rightfully confident in delivering your desired learning outcomes. In fact, we are motivated by a single-minded desire to see that you well and truly exceed them. All of our products are 100% owned and developed in-house – we designed, developed and own everything that we offer. These factors, combined with our experience and dedication, make for the most powerful and complete set of learning solutions and services:

Learning Tools

By combining feedback from all of our clients with our own interpretations of innovations within the wider technology and the eLearning space, our dedicated team constantly seeks ways that we can join dots that will improve your learning platform. We relentlessly extend and improve our Central learning platform and Kando Authoring tools and we do not believe that ‘one size fits all’ – we offer a total solution that can be tailored for organisations of all sizes.

eLearning solutions

Our eLearning ranges combine an intimate understanding of the tools we use with a long-term, first-hand insight into the challenges and opportunities that our various clients face. We service several hundred organisations worldwide, who constantly supply our hundreds of off-the-shelf learning titles in our various ranges to millions of individuals. And the learning can be delivered off-the-shelf or personalised to suit your specific needs. Complete detail of our content ranges, which include PC skills, Human Resource learning and Compliance courses (many mapped to national accreditation requirements) can be found in our Product Range brochure.

Bespoke Content Development

For our selective community of professional content authors, interactive learning is a passion. They know it intimately and understand what does and does not work. With literally thousands of hours of learning, assessment, surveys and product simulation experience, we would be happy to help you to fulfil your hopes and expectations.

Ad hoc Consulting

Having offered a ‘fresh angle’ to countless government departments and corporations, we have the extensive experience to help you to design, develop and deliver innovative training solutions to your staff, regardless of their geographical location and connectivity challenges.


Our extensive off-the-shelf training ranges can be accessed in any combination from our online hosted platform, from your own servers, or even from a flash drive. While we have no problem installing behind your firewall, a large majority of our customers prefer seamless and timely access through our external hosted platforms. We selected Verizon, Veeps and Hostworks to deliver the most professional, secure, fast and low-maintenance hosted solution available. Organisations such as Woolworths with a staff close to 90,000 would attest to the speed of the solution into their many sites, while organisations such as the Australian Federal Police have penetration tested the platform.


Any combination of our courses can be delivered off-the-shelf or personalised to your specific needs. We can design and tailor learning materials into an eLearning program that will fit the individual needs of each specific site, group, department or section under your corporate umbrella. If required, our partner RTOs can streamline your accreditation needs, perhaps to offer selected workers an opportunity to achieve a Certificate II in Retail, a Certificate IV in Frontline Management or a Diploma of Management.

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