Welcome to Kando Central

Kando Central is Interaction’s web-based learning experience platform (LXP). It drives the aggregation and management of your evolving learning and knowledge content and is designed to seamlessly support and direct your user audience, when and where they might require specific procedural instruction or benefit from helpful expert advice…CentralCentralCentral

The platform accesses available sources to pull together your assets, experience, knowledge and learning into a single interlinked frame that ranges far beyond the traditional learning paradigm to an individually tailored learning experience combining:

  • Articles (including links to web pages, pdf files, video clips, forms, etc.)
  • Forms (including forms that require field by field completion, sign off, evidence upload, etc.)
  • eLearning assets (seamless access to content, filtered by who you are, where you work and what you do)
  • Face to face learning options, conferences, toolbox events, and the like
  • News and comment, (approved and relevant) corporate information and documentation, etc.
  • Access to the knowledge of registered SMEs and mentors, etc. from across the organisation.

These content sources are filtered through an searchable platform offering your key learning plan at the top centre of the window and below it a series of ‘channels’ starting with tagged selections and followed by channels based on automated real world data (such as likes, tags, link discovery, rating etc.).