Welcome to the new Pulse 2

Welcome to the new Pulse 2. Pulse 2 is a reworking of the already solid foundations on which Pulse stands. It allows us to action all the great customer feedback we’ve received over recent years and embrace the emerging technologies into the future. Features include:

  • Redesigned interface provides an all-round cleaner and sleeker look throughout the Pulse user interface. To help the user select the right courses, for example, the new Tiles view on the Personal Learning Plan offers a sleek and simplified option to the Carousel that is capable of supplying more learning information on more learning items.
  • Featured Learning is the front end interface for our ‘MyPulse’ strategy. This functionality dramatically reduces administration workload by allowing Pulse to identify and highlight the learning that is likely to be most relevant to individual users. It achieves this by interrogating tracked data (such as most popular learning items, last accessed, upcoming events, required and new learning) for the user as well as others in his or her team and then presents a personalised, prioritised list of what is likely to be most relevant to the individual. At the same time Featured Learning filters out learning that has been completed and is not due for renewal.
  • Super Search offers a simple search tool capable of contextually locating any text string in all available learning, and searches for that string anywhere in the Course and module titles as well as the description fields that are attached to all learning items.
  • User Calendar View has been completely rebuilt with a superb new interface that displays more events, more efficiently as well as the option to display any and all events currently scheduled and available.
  • News Items delivery is a new option under Learning Management. It allows L&D managers to create news items linked to specific learning and push the news as notifications when users next access Pulse.
  • Resources now use a hierarchical structure allowing intuitive grouping and simplified drag and drop administration.
  • Custom User Fields offer four new client definable freeform fields for user records. These fields can be included in relevant reports.
  • All-round performance improvements in all front end interface areas allowing accelerated access to learning and mobile performance.