If you’ve used PowerPoint, you’ll feel right at home using Kando’s familiar user interface. Offering features you understand, an array of templates to get you started and seamless one step publishing to push your work direct to the audience, Interaction’s Kando authoring tool puts the power of delivering responsive, device agnostic learning and assessments in your hands.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Kando is so intuitive and easy to use that you can get started right away. It delivers everything you need to develop professional eLearning courses, presentations, assessments, surveys, etc. that will engage, entertain and educate your audience.
  • Build your own courses from the ground up, or hit the ground running by licencing access to our off-the-shelf-learning suites. We can also instantly edit the interface to make the courses look like your own content. In some, you might like to edit the slides to precisely contextualise the content.
  • Import a wide array of multimedia objects including images, audio and video clips, animations and more. Kando supports all universal formats.
  • Kando is packed with powerful yet simple tools for creating virtually any type of question, using any combination of objects you wish to include on the slide. Take advantage of simple yet powerful quizzing tools, including question pooling, randomisation, etc.
  • Add intelligence to your course using variables. Present dynamic content based on a learner’s activity and other conditions you define. Remember learner input or assessment results and then use the information later in your course if it meets your criteria. For example, if learner responses aren’t up to par, present additional slides at the end of the course to help them master the material.
  • Share review access with SMEs and stakeholders and seamlessly track their requests and inputs.

Seeing is believing. Click the button below to arrange a demonstration or a self-drive test of the Kando tool. You can also visit the Kando site at any time and take a look at a few samples and the training video that you will find on the Home screen.

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