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Is your current LMS looking tired and dated? Is it a nightmare to complete those everyday tasks that you know or think should be straight forward? The Central ethos – and our guarantee – is to deliver an LMS solution like you have never seen before. We call it advanced simplicity. You will call it ‘just what we always wanted’.

It’s Smooth

Install Central behind your firewall or follow the lead of more than 90% of our client base and implement our hosted model, which can be set up within as little as 24 hours.

Central caters for all sizes of organisation from the smallest to the largest and most challenging. We will tick the boxes that your IT and security people require and we are more than confident that with Central, your short notice ‘Go Live’ date is absolutely achievable. Updates will be seamless and we guarantee streamlined support services.  In fact, in the vast majority of cases, Central immediately works with absolutely no effort required at your end.

Of course, if Central needs to be installed behind your firewall then a little more planning and work is required, however a week should suffice with the right support at your end.

Extensive Personalisation

Customise Central’s ‘look and feel’ with your logo and profile graphics and integrate the LMS to your HRIS within a few short days. You can even personalise the look and feel of our off-the-shelf e-learning courses using the built-in rapid authoring tool, Kando. Different interfaces and logos can be assigned to different user groups within the hierarchical structure, such that users contained in one group can see the exact same learning content in a personalised interface that is quite different from how a user in another section sees it.

Seamless Integration

Optional integration with existing HR systems will be achieved quickly and painlessly. We have worked with most HR systems on the market today including SAP, Aurion and Preceda and we will guarantee to take the pain out of what seems to be generally thought of as a hugely complex and expensive process. We can exchange data with your HRIS and we can implement single sign on in just a few days.

Existing human resource and learning data, SCORM-compliant e-Learning modules and supporting documents can all be integrated into Central. And we can also front end the system with self-registration pages and e-commerce sites with a minimum of fuss.

Flexible User Administration

Central’s unlimited hierarchical user and group database can be populated from the feed, imported from a spreadsheet or created manually allowing you to seamlessly and automatically recreate your exact organisational structure. From this framework, the management of both the system and its audience users is naturally generated, allowing supervisors access to the learning and development of people in their workgroup, section, division, state, etc.

Adrenaline Authoring and Publishing

Of course you can plug in any Scorm compliant courseware, but with Central’s in-built Kando tool, SMEs throughout your organisation have the option to design and deliver exciting interactive surveys, quizzes and self-paced learning events that can be instantly deployed to Central users or exported for third party Scorm LMS’s.

If you know how to use PowerPoint then you are well on your way to driving the deceptively powerful, point-and-click authoring tool that is Kando. If you do not wish to develop yourself, our professional authoring community can certainly help with the design of professional self-paced events. Thereafter you can keep it all up-to-date with simple editing options that go live to your user base as soon as you hit the Save button!

To support workplace business decisions, any content developed in Kando also enables Central’s Survey and Feedback report to highlight trends, strengths and weaknesses as well as providing the option to drill down and identify granular individual interactions.

User Friendly Operation

The Central front end has been designed from the ground-up for non-technical users with intuitive and simple interfaces that minimise the learning curve for end users and administrators alike. Central will minimise repetitive LMS administration task work flows and allow everyday operations such as assigning learning, notifications, approvals and reminders to occur automatically. Surveys and reports can be set up in seconds.

It’s Robust

Every day, our dedicated development team reflects ongoing challenges that our clients experience against innovations within the e-learning and technology space to refine and extend the capabilities and interfaces in our products.

At the same time, Central will tick the boxes that your IT and security people require. One of our largest hosted Central installations with a staff count in excess of 150,000 has effortlessly handled as many as 10,000 hits per second constantly over several weeks. Central has also been penetration tested regularly by the likes of federal law enforcement and international banking organisations and all of the data collected and stored resides within our secure hosting installations that are all on-shore.


Whether you require a dashboard overview of the entire organisation or you need individual group or user metrics, Central ships with the most complete array of absolutely customisable reports. Central can mine any metric collected and present it in pretty much any format.

It is all about turning data into information, so if Central cannot build the exact report(s) that you require then we will build you up to four custom reports – at no cost – to your exact needs. Do not expect to use this service though, as the reporting that is inbuilt is extensive.

And, once created, any reports can be scheduled to be automatically emailed to you and other interested parties on an ongoing basis so there is no need to rebuild reports time after time. Of course any report can also be printed or exported for immediate analysis in tools outside of Central, such as Excel.

Management of all forms of learning

At any time Learning Managers can publish and make available any form of learning that you offer. If the user can find a course, they can register for it – and Central allows you to determine exactly what they can and cannot find!

As well as the seamless delivery of e-Learning, Central facilitates the planning, booking, attendance and sign-off of conventional face-to-face as well as online classroom courses. Users can request or enrol at any time in any course and Central will help then you to control approvals, waiting lists, etc. and provide automated notifications and reminders to attendees to make sure that as many seats as possible are filled on the day.

All forms of experiential learning, coaching and mentoring can also be tracked with a variety of evidence and approval options, while resource based learning can be delivered seamlessly to selected users with sign off and / or assessments applied on a case by case basis.

If you can think of a learning scenario that you believe no LMS could possibly cover off on, we can show you how Central seamlessly adapts to it.

Seamless assignment of all forms of learning

Learning can be automatically assigned to users, perhaps when they are added to the system or when they are added to specific groups. You can supplement this catalogue based assignment by defining learning required by specific job roles – when a job role is assigned to an employee Central extends the catalogue assignment with learning specific to that job role. On an ongoing basis, learning and line managers can also prescribe additional learning that reflects individual needs.

RPL, Qualifications and Accreditation

Qualifications can be easily set up by combining any mix of learning items. As soon as a qualification has been set up, the reporting functionality will automatically display a user’s progress through that qualification when he or she completes any of its elements. Assessment work can be uploaded and marked by accreditors. Avetmis data can be collected and aligned to user records and prior learning can be gathered to over-ride the required completion of assigned learning.

It’s Superb Value

Trusted to manage and deliver training for literally millions of corporate and public sector employees across the world, Central provides a bandwidth-friendly LMS solution that has been honed over several decades.

Learners will be able to instantly access Interaction’s entire suite of e-learning training modules including Microsoft Office simulation training, computer skills, compliance learning, leadership skills, etc. They will be able to request or book themselves onto face-to-face courses that are seamlessly marketed, booked, tracked and reported. On-the-job training, resource based learning, whatever you deliver and / or need to track can be assigned and tracked. With a minimum of fuss and a minimum of pain.

Minimum Requirements

Server side

Processor Minimum: 600-megahertz (MHz) Pentium III-compatible processor.
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack (SP) 4 or later,OR Windows 2000 Professional Edition with SP 4 or later, OR Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, Standard, or Datacenter (SP 1) or later, OR Windows Small Business Server 2003 (SP 1) or later.
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard or later.
Web Server Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and ASP.NET 2.0 or later.
Memory Minimum: 1 gigabyte (Gb) of RAM.
Hard Disk SQL Server: 1 Gb Central Database: 250 MB minimum. Courseware: Allow up to 150Mb per course.

Client side

Processor Minimum: 233-megahertz (MHz) Pentium II-compatible processor. Recommended: faster processor.
Operating System Minimum: Microsoft Windows 98 (excluding Windows NT). Recommended: Microsoft Windows XP or later.
Internet Browser Internet Explorer 5.5 or later / Firefox 2.0 or later
Flash Player 9 or later
Memory Minimum: 256 megabytes (MB) or more.
Hard Disk Minimum: 50 MB or more.
Display Minimum: 15” monitor at 1024×768 or higher.

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